Thursday, May 7, 2009

OOPS! It's the Morning After!

Just kidding.

But actually, yesterday, May 6, was the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy! The most recent US data (2007) shows that the teen (15-19 year olds) birth rate has crept upward to 42.5 births per 1000 population. Read that another way: 4.25% of teens ages 15-19 had a live birth in 2007. Not pregnancies, not sex, not abortions, not the morning after pills. Live Babies! The data does not tell us how many of these were planned pregnancies, but most child and adolescent experts would agree that the risk to the health and long term well-being to the mother(education, earning potential, physical and mental health) and to the child (risk of prematurity, abuse, learning disabilities, school problems and more) is significant in teen mothers

If you know a teen or are one, first bookmark my blog, and then check out this website:

and take the scenario-based quiz that will test your savvy on issues of sex and contraception. If you are a teen, ask your parents to take it too! Then go back to my earlier post on sex education by cell phone and the Morning After Pill.

And I promise the next post will not be about sex!

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