Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Over the past few weeks . . .

Over the past few weeks I have been crawling and climbing up the learning curve on blogging. I have been exploring a multitude of websites and news publications on parenting teens. There are some wonderful whacky things out there. Everything from moms sharing news on diapers to true confessions about terrible parenting errors people have committed. I have discovered a sorority of bloggers at

In addition I am discovering how to get my self into the blogoshpere by "introducing myself" online to other bloggers. I was able to connect with a reporter who is interested in how doctors are beginning to use social media as a part of their practice,either as promotion or as a way to communicate with patients. Since I do both, I was written up in their blog.

I love that line about "limitless knowledge and a connection on a whole new level is the true power of the healthcare/social medical relationship." I have no illusions: I will never catch up to my kids or my patients when it comes to this stuff, but I feel a whole lot more savvy and linked in than a month ago!

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