Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pedal Power

How many bikes do you and your friends have rusting and gathering dust in your basement or garage? With my large family that rides, we have collected more than a few over the years. Today, at last I was able to recycle them to a cause I want to share with you. Pedals for Progress organized a collection station in the driveway of a local church. Within minutes of my arrival volunteers had de-pedaled and rotated the handlebars on my two old Treks and were ready to stack them in a UHaul to ship off to one of many countries they supply. Nicaragua, one of the nations highest on my radar screen since I worked there last year building houses with Bridges to Community, has received over 30,000 bikes through P4P.

Pedals for Progress points out that they ship more than mere bikes. A bike can provide access to a livelihood or an education for the poor of the world. And what does this have to do with adolescents? As our world shrinks to a more global neighborhood, our responsibility toward our brothers and sisters abroad is as great as toward those at home. I remember meeting teens in Nicaragua who could not get to junior high or high school because they had no transportation (or means to pay for public access to) public schools that were several kilometers away.

I urge you to check out Pedals for Progress and put your used bikes to work for others! It feels great. And saves our landfills too.

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