Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Twitter: Guiding parents and others of us in the dark

The enormous advantage to having signed up for Google alerts about all things "Teen" is that everyday a new blog or website pops up with fun, useful, new, or even ridiculous information. Today I want to share with you a site that explains Twitter and its impact on teens in the simplest of terms. Click here to access this concise article by Sarah Newton who writes the blog, Teen Coach/GenY Guide.

As with all new steps in technology evolution, there are sure to be aspects of Twitter no one has thought of that will emerge with time. If you have experience with your teens or young adults and want to share a Twitter story, please comment at the end of this post. And please don't feel hemmed in by 140 characters!

One thing I have already heard from parents in my community is how quickly a house party can go "viral" because of Twitter. Something new to be aware of!

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