Monday, June 15, 2009

Two Birds with One Stone: Pregnancy and HIV?

How cool is this?

Imagine how the world could be a better place if a simple, non-invasive device could prevent pregnancy and HIV at the same time. Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College (my alma mater!) have come up with such a thing. It is a small vaginal ring (I am not sure how similar to the popular hormonal Nuvaring it is) that is impregnated (funny word choice in this context) with non-hormonal chemicals that not only prevent pregnancy but also prevent HIV and possibly other sexually transmitted diseases. The study was published in the journal AIDS in May of this year.

Researchers note that in addition to this Two-for-One, such a method leaves the power in the hands of women who are the ones most likely to be affected by pregnancy and HIV through vaginal intercourse. If the new device is similar in size and shape to Nuvaring, the vast majority of men are not aware that a woman is wearing one in her vagina. One can only imagine the number of situations around the world where such a device could be life-saving and life-enhancing for all involved.

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  1. They just need to make an HIV-only version too for people who want to get pregnant but who are still high risk for HIV. The future is now!