Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why Blog?

Thanks for clicking through to my blog. I am new at this and hope to make a small contribution to the daily discussions on line. As many of you know I have been writing in the Larchmont Gazette for many years, trying to make adolescent news relevant to a local audience. In addition I send a newsletter from my office quarterly. These endeavors will continue.

However, with more and more social networking, our world necessarily and impatiently expands into the world beyond our small communities. There are many people to hear from and there are even more listening out there.

So, why would I decide to do this? Blogging satisfies my need to teach satisfies my wish to filter the news bombarding all of us helps me focus on medical news that can help parents and professionals do a better job will contribute to my platform as I work on a book on parenting teens will hopefully add a voice of experience and reason to the blogosphere!

I hope you will join this adventure with me. Become a follower; make my blog an RSS (what is that anyway?) feed; or make it a favorite. But above all, please send it along to friends and family and COMMENT! Comment by clicking on "comment" at the end of each blog entry.

If all else fails, ask one of your children to show you what to do!

Thanks for coming along!


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  2. Hi Ann, I like your blog and your web site. I have a question not exactly related to any of your posts, but my 19-year-old daughter just finished her freshman year of college and thinks she has ADD. She can't concentrate in lecture classes and has to read everything 5 times before she comprehends the text. Our insurance does not cover testing and we can't afford to pay out of pocket. I was thinking of taking her to a pyschopharmacologist and letting her try a med for ADD; if it works we can assume she has it. Do you think this is a good idea?

  3. HI
    It is very important to have her evaluated with some amount of thoroughness although I appreciate your plight with insurance.
    Many people will find that the medication "works" but it is imperative to really evaluate and have a pretty firm diagnosis before trying the medication. Some causes of inability to focus (anxiety, lack of sleep, too much caffeine, depression, other mental disorders, and alcohol and substance use) need to be ruled out first. Often a good pediatrician (with whom you schedule adequate time) can start such a process. Good luck. Dr Engelland