Sunday, January 31, 2010

Arrived in PAP

After many developing country delays we arrived in PAP at almost dusk. We are in a safe secure house with evangelical Christians and running water. Senses for today

SOUND:the extraordinary and truly awesome sound of the Blackhawks as they thumped and
Swooped in for the patients. Some show of force.

TASTE:the surprising hotness in tonight.s dinner. And getting used to eating like a squirrel. Lots of nuts and trail mix to keep going.

SMELL: while waiting at the US embassy for our ride, when the wind changed we caught the unmistakable stench from the collapsed building across the street only to be rescued by Vicks rubbed in our nostrils to mask it.

SIGHT:the parade of 24 gurneys ferried by 6_8 workers from all countries followed by Haitian fam members under the violent wind of the helicpter into its jaws.

TOUCH:the sweet softness of the newborn toes of the twins born at the camp this morning!