Sunday, January 24, 2010

Going to Help Haiti

Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues, and Blog Followers,

On Tuesday morning I will be leaving to work for two weeks in the Dominican Republic in a hospital being set up today in Barahona, DR, about midway between Port au Prince, Haiti and Santo Domingo.(map)
Among others, they will be receiving 14 injured children sometime today. I will be under the auspices of Real Medicine Foundation and Children of the Nations that are working closely with Partners in Health and others organizing help on the ground.

Since I first heard about the earthquake, I, like many of you, have felt called to help. I hope that my language and medical skills will help make my contribution a meaningful one for those who suffer. As you know by now, money is still what they need most. So I encourage you to continue to find ways to raise awareness about and funds to help with the complexities facing Haiti moving forward.

My practice and my other work and family will be covered for me by a host of competent and caring people. If the technology gods are on my side you will be able to follow my work on my blog.

"Bon chans!" (Kreyol for good luck!)

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