Friday, January 29, 2010

Leaving for the border


Leaving for the border--Jimani--in ten minutes:


large hospital there understaffed for next three days til team arrives from Knoxville
will be part of plan to develop outreach clinics into "sheet camps"(people sleeping on sheets out int he open, tens of thousands of them by scouts' reports.)

New team arrived at our hospital to take over our 11 bed unit. Surgeons picking up where others left off. Good tranisiton but too many people there so glad to leave where I can be more useful.

Already bonded with DR nurses and staff: intense what happens so quickly under these circumstances.

My team going to Jimani consists of:
husband and wife in their 60's from NH, he is general surgeon, she is hippie who is community organizer and nurse.
an ER nurse from NH. a riot, nothing fazes her, good teacher, great nurse, fun to be around
a public health person from US...all I know so far who dropped her 2 yo in Texas with MOm to be here.
Kevin, 28, who reminds me of my son Nick and is workign for Real Medicine Foundation, the organization I am sponsored by. Thank good ness someone knows how to do the technology. He and I watched the state of the union the other night on his computer live.

And so I go. They want worm medicine, antifungals, dressing changes adn pain medication.

Hope to be in touch but it will be brief. Stay tuned.

Overall impression is of a vast amount of good will, way too many supplies and organization actually happenign from the ground up instead of top down. Unicef sent a young man to our clinid yesterday;he is going door to door to track Haitian refugee kids. A good start but really small. So much need, so vast, so deep. Many speak of their "pais perdu", lost country.

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