Thursday, February 4, 2010

treating people aa fast as we can

My fourth day in PAP and exhausted but exhilarated by the huge need and ability to resPond. (Writing on BB: very hard for me but no computer here)

First two days we set up a new clinic in PAP that will be a permanent fixture in the community run by the parish. Deeply spiritual people--oh my goodness. Also astoundingly well dressed and groomed by any standard but considering they are sleeping on sheets on bare ground, cooking over awful polluting fires and the dust in the air is thick, it is near short of miraculous.

Sight:the tap tap that had "incroyable mais vrai"painted on the side. Tap taps are the famous hand painted Haitian buses

Sound:the congregation in prayer at theopening of the clinic yesterday. We saw 120 pts on. First day. So much PTSD. Taught the med student working with me how to teach deep breathing and anti stress technique. What else to do? They pray.

Taste: fresh papaya every day. Yes we have plenty of food

Smell: the perfume on my immaculately groomed (white pressed skirt)translator who is a fourth year med student here now without a school. More about that later!

Touch: the disgusting feeling of 50 plus layers of Purell.

Trying to fly out today, perhaps on military craft, maybe charter. Huge new group from US arrived last night. Ready to come home. But planning to come backto Haiti with friends. So much work to do and gentle people to meet and know.

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