Friday, June 11, 2010

Hosting an After Prom Party? Listen up

My dental hygienist loves to talk. Maybe that is part of the job description, but I don't think she usually expects the patient to burst out laughing from her stories and leave the floss dangling.

Yesterday she told me about a friend of her son who is a cadet at West Point. The friend's mom generously hosted a Memorial Day party at her house for some of his friends. She didn't really know that the entire baseball team would arrive for a sleepover and pool party. When she decided to go to bed she made rounds of the party and discovered at least one cadet who had had too much to drink. Wisely, she told one of the friends: "Listen to me, I am holding you responsible for this young man. I do not want to find a body in the pool in the morning." The response? The well trained, "Yes, Maam." I don't think a salute was included.

When she got up early the next morning to a very quiet house, of course the first thing she did was go check the pool . She found the sleeping cadet she had spotted the night before upright in a lounger sitting poolside and duck taped to the chair.

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