Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The End of Men?

In this summer's issue of The Atlantic Hannah Rosin makes the case that we are close upon a major change in the roles women and men play in our world. Armed with facts such as "according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women now hold 51.4 percent of managerial and professional jobs--up from 26.1 percent in 1980...and (women) make up 54 percent of all accountants and hold about half of all banking and insurance jobs" she describes a "role reversal" that is troubling even to a feminist from the 70's.

There is a change afoot that Rosin argues is primarily a fundamental shift in the economy. She notes that more mens' jobs have been lost during this recession. Traditional male jobs--construction, manufacturing, and finance are slipping away. Rosin argues that women have better communication, multi-tasking and team working skills. These are all skills that are prized now in the era of Internet transactions and rapid global information exchange and business.

Unfortunately she paints a gloomy picture of women ruling the world and the home, leaving incompetent, lazy, unmotivated men in their dust. As the mother of young men and the doctor to many young men and women, I have absorbed Rosin's ideas and pledge to look with renewed commitment at ways we can bring the boys, young men, and men along on this journey. Maybe women are temporarily better suited to the challenges of our new world but let us continue to believe that this pendulum shift of power and influence will eventually bring all of us to a happier middle ground for all.

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  1. Given that information, it amazes me that men continue to dominate the religious world.