Monday, July 12, 2010

Shame on them!

Just when I was thinking about which subject to blog on this afternoon I got a call from a patient. She is twenty and after a year of severe anxiety attacks and many ER and office visits, she has been stable and working at a well known sandwich chain.

She called me because her health insurance is terminating since she is no longer working "full time." "How many hours are you working?" I asked. Turns out she is working thirty eight hours a week, and they won't let their employees work any more because "Guess What?" They would be obligated to pay health insurance!

My anemic suggestion to my patient was to try to see if she can be covered under our state health insurance plan since she is not 21 yet. I'm not optimistic. It seems to me that when corporations want to hold on to money that they should be spending for the welfare of their employees (in the case of my patient) or their clients (in the case of insurance companies) they do a really good job of not paying out.

There ought to be a law. Laws are needed when people and their companies don't do what is right on their own. It's no wonder young adults can't move out of their parents' homes. They simply cannot afford it. Shame on someone.

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