Thursday, October 14, 2010

A great day of teaching and learning

Two of the pediatric residents doing an exercise in identifying dermatologic lesions.  They liked our interactive style of teaching and had some fun.

A well stocked supermarket right near the palace.   We bought beer and peanuts. 
One of the nineteen candidates running for president of Haiti in the general election on November 29.  This is one of only a few female candidates, but many say one of the favorites.  Others include a white business man, a musician named Sweet Micky (bumped Wycliffe Jean out of the running), and a pediatrician who shows up at the ER where we are and shakes hands all around, sees a few children(haven't seen the kissing part usual for politicians) and leaves.

Making rounds.  Everything is very very crowded.  And hot.

With permission I took this photo of this undiagnosed child with malnutrition, fever and abdominal pain.

This grandmother loved to talk. Her miserable sick child (not serious this time) waited while she told us that her daughter in law, the baby's mother,  died in the quake (called the "evenement" or event) and that she is caring for her in addition to her job as a house cleaner.  She is 62.

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