Monday, October 18, 2010

A last morning walk in Port au Prince and a final story

This man was selling sheets with lyrics to popular songs.  Everyone on the street seems to have a gig. 

This building had housed a school for everything-driving, kindergarten, primary, secondary, languages, nursing.  Education is prized in Haiti and of course it matters.  Unfortunately for most it costs money.

This elegant building is the broken home of the Universite de Notre Dame, the political science department.  No surprise that the bottom right of the gate says "Down with Clinton."

Cherries for sale on Sunday morning

The two preferred candidates' posters together. I looked all week for this shot!

A huge display of new furniture for sale.
More chairs.  When we wonder why the rubble hasn't been cleared yet, we have only to look at this scene where we see that people have resumed their lives selling what they make and that it would be impossible to move any of this concrete without heavy equipment (of which I saw very little); it would displace and congest the already crazy streets even further;there is the issue of where to put the rubble; and what should be built in its place.  Most importantly, many of these "piles" are shrines where the dead are buried.  We have struggled with these issues at the Ground Zero for a long time.  So do the Haitians.

A kindergarten on my street. "Garden of the Angels."  On Sunday with much less bustle and congestion it was possible to see through the dust and heat to appreciate some of the colors of daily life.

This chicken's feathers exactly matched the owner's shirt!  We all had a good laugh about it. Unfortunately I was not in a position to purchase the creature but for once it didn't seem to matter.

This street billboard with the slogan of one of the new political parties says, "Dare to Love Haiti!"  I think it sums up a lot about what is required to continue to boost Haiti and get it back on its feet. 

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  1. Hi Ann,
    Great photos of Haiti. I think you might have your daughters' artistic eyes! Wonderful info on some many
    topics. Keep up the good work and best of luck to you in your new space. Quizas se puede visitar la clase de espanol.... .y decir hola.
    -Ellyn Murphy