Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Support for our Athletes' Heads!

The American Academy of Neurology has released a brief position paper on the importance of immediate recognition and management of concussion in athletes. This is a big boost to those of us who are working against a tradition of toughness on the field and getting back in the game, too often with short and long term disastrous consequences. Here is what they said:

The group recommends that all athletes suspected of having a concussion first be removed from participation and then be evaluated by a physician with experience in concussion management. Before being allowed to participate again, athletes must receive clearance from a physician or neurologist. Athletes should not compete if they are still having symptoms of a concussion.

This approach is in keeping with the policy we have implemented in the Mamaroneck School District. Even two years later, we are still working to make this acceptable and accepted by athletes, coaches, parents and physicians in the community. The support of organizations like the AAN along with the NFL will go a long way toward creating acceptance of this conservative and careful approach.

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