Monday, January 31, 2011

Caring for our Anxious Students

This weekend I attended a Harvard-sponsored conference on Mental Health in our Schools. Here at home we are also responding to what we perceive from the trenches to be rising levels of stress and anxiety among our students. My office, BridgeSpan Medicine in White Plains, is sponsoring a conference on March 11 to bring professionals together.

Click here for the flyer and registration form for "Caring for our Anxious Students." We will be gathering on the expansive Fordham graduate school campus in White Plains to share strategies, resources and information between mental health professionals in the community and those who work in schools. Presentations of and management of anxiety for Grades K-12 will be covered.

Dr Alec Miller from Cognitive and Behavioral Consultants of Westchester will be the keynote speaker, bringing his extensive experience in CBT/DBT to bear on the subject. In addition, dedicated mental health clinicians in the schools will share what they are seeing, what works and what doesn't. Each participant will go away with a trove of resources, including professionals, agencies, clinics, websites, dvd's, and books.

A major goal of the conference is to increase communication and fluidity between disciplines so that we can more readily help our students and in the end make our own work more effective and rewarding.

We hope you will sign up soon. Space is limited. Please bring your experience, expertise and inquiries.

"Caring for our Anxious Students"

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  1. in this age is totally need to keep calm our nerves, with all that hormonal changes, the social pression, make some new friends, all this weight is to much for a single person.