Monday, March 14, 2011

Earthquakes and Floods

As you know I have been in Haiti and I have seen collapsed buildings, amputations and stunned folks.  And recently I experienced the devastation of burst pipes that froze on my second floor and soaked my kitchen and living room with hot water for days on end, leaving ceilings collapsed, floors curling and a complete loss.

But when I look at the images from Japan where not only is there collapse but the final force of the tsunami, I am at another loss.  I remember when my son, Nick Taranto, went to Banda Ache, Indonesia shortly after the tsunami and described the landscape as if God had taken a spatula and just played with the mud, scraping whatever was in it from side to side, leaving a flattened mess beyond words.

Reach out to the Japanese in  your midst.  I did that today at the supermarket as I saw a young woman and her two year old waiting to pay.  Her English was rudimentary but we exchanged meaning.  We both wept gently as she told me she had lost no one and only said "oh, my country."


  1. yeah the earthquake that pas there was amazing everything get destroyed and many people stay without place to live...

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