Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Great Way for Students to Give Back: AFYA

I first heard about AFYA when I returned from Haiti after the earthquake in 2010.  Right in our backyard, in Yonkers and run by Danielle Butin, AFYA is an extraordinarily efficient and well organized not-for-profit that collects medical and other supplies from individual, commercial and medical sources and responds to the call for them from around the world.  When I first met her, what impressed me most about Danielle 
was not only her spirit and energy but the tremendous organization of her vast supplies.  I saw row upon row of packed and tidy shelves labelled "Pediatric cardiology" or "Gastroenterology" and an entire room of drugs and pharmaceuticals in properly labelled bins.  This doesn't happen by itself.  Volunteers are taught to do this and in short order accomplish a small miracle which allows AFYA to continue its work around the world.  Please look at their website and consider organizing a group of friends to contribute your community service hours to this wonderful cause:

Calling All School Age Volunteers!
On Saturday, November 12th, AFYA is sponsoring a 16-hour sortathon, where we will celebrate and honor our teenage and young adult volunteers. At the Sortathon, volunteers will sort, inventory and pack supplies for 2-hour segments and contribute enormously to global health. We have a full day of entertainment and amazing, moving speakers lined up.

Start a team or work independently - there will be gifts for all, and prizes as well! We're expecting lots of participation, so register early and make sure to choose your two-hour shift of preference.

Please visit and share our brand new Sortathon website:
to register and find out the details about this event -- participants will
contribute to the improvement in health for thousands abroad. Registration will require a $25 tax deductible donation.

Please help us to get the word out -- send this sortathon link to everyone you

Thank you!

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