Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dinner Table Conversation about Sex

Have fun at dinner tonight with your teens and see if they can guess the right answers on the following questions about teenage sex.*   All data comes from the recent survey from the Centers for Disease Control and their Vital and Health Statistics Report from October 2011:

*Among females ages 18-24 who had their first sexual experience (here defined as intercourse) before age 20, how many of them really wanted it to happen then?  (Answer 41%)

*What percent of boys who had sex before age 20 "really wanted it to happen at the time? (Answer 63%)

This in itself could generate some interesting discussion but if that's not enough to get you to dessert, try these:

*What percent of teen females and males had their first intercourse with someone  "they were going steady with?" (Answer for females: 70% and for males: 56%)

*What percent of females ages 15-19 use a form of contraception at first intercourse? (Answer: 78%)

*Is having an older partner at first intercourse associated with a greater or lesser likelihood of using protection at first intercourse? (Answer: lower likelihood) Be sure to talk about pressure from the Big Boys and Girls.

*What percent of females use non-pill hormonal contraception at first intercourse? (Answer: 6%)  These methods include vaginal rings, injectable and implantable hormones, and emergency contraception....all worth discussing or looking up)

*What percent of never-married teens (15-19) have had intercourse at least once? (Answer 43%)

These are interesting data and are getting a lot of play in the media.  I would point out however, from my reading today of the original document that no questions were asked about non-heterosexual experience and the rather narrow focus on intercourse as an "endpoint" begs the question of what we have discussed elsewhere about the increases in oral sex among both heterosexual and non-heterosexual teens with all the incumbent risks.

*Remind them that you are not fishing around for personal information merely wondering what they think of the data.  Right, Mom.

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