Friday, January 6, 2012

Mamaroneck Tigers Hit New Hampshire Primary

 I just heard about an extraordinary opportunity for local Westchester kids from the Mamaroneck High School.   Sixty four lucky students are off to the races!

The New Hampshire primary races that is.  Under the guidance of the AP Government and Politics teacher, Joe Liberti, they are going to be helping to get out the vote for three days this weekend.  Regardless of their own political persuasions or uncertainties, they will stretch their thinking and experience civic duty first hand.  

Activities include meeting with the director of field operations for Newt Gingrich and attending a panel discussion sponsored by Politico.  Best of all, those of us here at home will be able to share in the adventure because they will be creating a ten minute video of their experience.

As parents, caregivers and educators we are always looking for ways to foster competence, character, contribution, and connection (four of the Seven C's crucial to resilience in our kids and ourselves-best described in Ken Ginsburg's book, A Parent's Guide to Building Resilience in Children and Teens).  I am hard pressed to think of a better way to do this.  I hope these students will come back with momentum and energy to rally local residents across the community to debate, discuss and ultimately vote.

For a more complete announcement of this and other interesting, progressive educational opportunities at Mamaroneck, click here.

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