Friday, January 13, 2012

Thinly Minted

This is Taylor.  She recently posted a video of herself on YouTube (and it quickly went everywhere, sent to me by many readers, friends and family) decrying the Girl Scouts because the organization failed to notify her and her family of the fact that transgendered girls are allowed to be members of Girls Scout troops.  Because of her outrage, she is calling for a boycot of the annual cookie sale.

The ludicrous quality of this girls complaint seems to have registered on her, her family and probably her lawyer since her video has "gone private" as of today, meaning you have missed an opportunity to appreciate it.

I encourage readers to see Lisa Belkin's blogpost today Girls Scout Video: What were her parents thinking? where she lays blame squarely on the parents for raising an intolerant, pugnacious, offensive and "sanctimonious" daughter.

I for one, cannot wait for my neighborhood Brownies to peddle their cookies.  I might even buy a box of Samoas which I have always boycotted for their lousy taste.

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