Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All Politics is Local

Just last week  I began waxing about the pleasures of my new job at Barnard College.  I was describing how with each new patient I call in to my office for a visit I feel as if I am turning over a Tarot card.  Full of color, some mischief, history, problems, issues, stories, and of course fortune and future. You just never know, I said, when you might be looking at the next secretary of state or the next president of the United States.

No sooner had I thought these words--but not yet turned them into a blog post (gotta be quick in these express times) than it was announced that Presdient Obama will be delivering the commencement address at Barnard's 2012 graduation ceremony,  to be held across the street on the campus of his very own alma mater, Columbia College.

But given some of the vitriolic give and take which the New York Times would like us to believe is just sibling rivalry gone amok, maybe they are Big Brother and Little Sis.   Or maybe the rudeness taken to sexist, anti-intellectual and almost pornographic levels available on BWOG, the Columbia student-run blog is merely a reflection of all the things that can run amok when allowed to grow like weeds on the web. As the blog itself states:  "Bwog comments are a mirror held up to the student population, soberly reflecting our microcosm of society with all of its imperfections intact." Indeed.

While I am new to Tarot, I would note that the high priestess card may have something to offer, as she represents power and balance.  She denotes the equilibrium between masculine and feminine;she is quiet and contemplative.  Sounds a bit like the Obama of 2008 to me.  And maybe, just maybe, the Obama of 2012 who can bridge the gender gap that this campaign has generated across the country and brought right home to our doorstep at Barnard.

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