Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Confused about Obamacare in the News?

Need to know just the basics?

Gina Kolata gets just the bare bones down today in her article in the Science Times today in her article "The ABC's of the Health Care Law and Its Future"

If it helps to steer you to read this smart, short piece of journalism, the first question in the article is: "As briefly as possible, what is the Affordable Care Act?"  Here is the second of her two-paragraph answer:

"...it is transformative.  If it is implemented, it would be the most important health care law since the enactment of Medicaid and Medicare int1965.  It brings us closer to the ideal that all Americans should have access to care regardless of income or health status. "
In this piece she helps us understand the timelines involved, namely that the Supreme Court's decision is expected in June (someone asked me this morning if they announced their decision last night--no I think even they were watching Kentucky vs Kansas); and that most of the law would go into effect in 2014 if it survives the November 2012 elections.

Take a look.  This legislation  may be the most important thing to affect our pocketbooks,  our health and our life decisions for the next decades to come.

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  1. Obamacare could really be confusing. Even the medical health provisions aren't that clear. I hope the government would focus on our health specially those who need end of life care.