Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is there a biker in your family?

This image was taken from the Internet;it's not true that I watched from "there"

This weekend my four boys will be riding bikes together in the Pan Mass Challenge or PMC, an event that has happened every summer for the last 32 years across Massachusetts and has raised over $330 million for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  This year over 5000 cyclists will ride over 200 miles over two days.  It's a joyful occasion for people of all ages, many of them cancer survivors, most of them friends and family of survivors.

As I had breakfast today with my son, Justin, I noticed a new wrist band on his arm.  It's called RoadID and it's ingenious.  Everyone who is a biker, triathlete or otherwise risky athlete should get one.  The band looks like this (and comes in many colors and designs):

and can be purchased in a simple or an interactive version.  For an initial $20 investment and then an annual fee of about $10 the band provides important identifying data but it also gives access to a website or an operator that can retrieve important coded contact information, medical data, medications, allergies, and insurance information that you provide and can update or change online at any time.  

Because I am always worried about head injury in my hard charging children, I am glad that they are using their heads to think ahead.  Should one of them not be able to speak for himself, emergency responders would know whom to contact and have all the information they might need to help give them optimal care.  I think that's technology at it's best.