Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Need My New Book!

Dad fell off the ladder and struck his head.
You tripped and banged your head earlier and now it hurts.
Your son took a hard hit in the soccer game and probably has a concussion.
What do you do now?

It’s All in Your Head: Everyone’s Guide to Managing Concussions will walk you through the steps of evaluating a head injury and will assist in diagnosing, managing, and recovering from a concussion. Based on the simple principle of The Four Rs: Recognize, Respond, Rest, and Reassess, It’s All in Your Head will empower you to support the injured and advocate for the best possible treatment and outcome, whether the injured person is you or someone you care about.

Following the Four Rs will guide the injured through what they need in order to recover successfully and return to work, school, play, and other everyday activities as quickly and safely as possible.

If you've followed my blogs at all over the last few years, or even if you haven't, you know that concussions have become a hot issue. Hardly a day goes by without a news story about an athlete who is sidelined--or worse-- by a head injury. And that's just in the news.

You should see what schools and colleges are managing on a daily basis as we begin to recognize and manage head injury in a more comprehensive and safer way. As of June 2012 New York State, and over 30 other states, have mandated policies about head injury in the public schools. In the schools I work in we are busy doing the right thing and catching up.

You can find the book, available now as an e-Book and in paperback through Amazon and Barnes & Noble at

It’s All in Your Head: Everyone’s Guide to Managing Concussions, is a valuable and unique resource for parents, coaches, trainers, physicians, therapists, and school personnel who need to understand concussions and collaborate to manage them safely and effectively.

The first step for everyone is to be educated and prepared. This book will help get you there.

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