Thursday, March 21, 2013

Talking Teen Sexuality with Parents

I have a date with the Mamaroneck PTA.

"Are you sure you want to talk about that?"
"Can you make it funny?"

And then came the understated undercurrent of advice to make it appropriate for parents of middle schoolers, kids with disabilities and special needs, and moms and dads of high school students, some of whom are about ready to go off to college.

You might watch HBO's Girls.  But you might also think that cannot be your daughter who is having unprotected sex, poking Qtips in her ears and getting sexually transmitted diseases and pregnant.  Even though the demographic of the show is precisely the white middle class, highly educated metropolitan cohort that many of Mamaroneck's students go on to inhabit,  it still is not your daughter.

So here is a preview of what I will be discussing at the PTA/SEPTA meeting on April 29:

  • What's new in Contraception?
  • STDs: diagnosis, prevalence and prevention
  • LGBTQ in our families
  • Promoting health relationships for young people
  • Tips on raising sexually healthy children
  • and---because even though you might think you can talk about "everything" with your children, you (or they) probably won't--the final topic of the evening is:
  • Seven questions your pediatrician/provider should be asking your teen girl and boy
You will go away empowered to understand the culture that is not just on TV, to arm yourself with information and to advocate for your children so that they have the kind of medical care they and you deserve in order to prepare them for the terrain they walk today and will traverse tomorrow.

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