My Practice

I am no longer practicing primary care for teens and young adults in Westchester and am now working as one of the doctors on the multi-disciplinary team of clinicians in the student health center at Barnard College in New York City. I will be available to undergraduates for primary care, consultation and referral. I will work side-by-side with nurse practitioners and mental health providers. And I look forward to participating in mentoring and working with Adolescent Medicine fellows in training.

Patients have many options. They can continue their primary care at BridgeSpan Medicine or they can access specialty care via a network of fine practitioners throughout the metropolitan area.

In many ways this job is a natural progression for me from being a general pediatrician over 25 years ago when I grew somewhat expert at infants and pre-schoolers as I raised my own tots. As they grew I was lucky enough to immerse myself in the issues of elementary school, special needs children and parenting. Over the past fifteen years, my focus has shifted to adolescents and the concern of raising responsible, content people in our culture and how pursuing those goals can affect their health-and that of their parents. Now as my own children are of college age and beyond, I am called to play a role in the health and well-being of  emerging adults. And how thrilling that is. I have long thought a job in college health would be a dream for me, and now is the time.